Automotive Applications Providing Quick Demand are the Way to go for Pultrusion

Pultrusion has jumped up the ladder as a key growth domain in the automotive industry. The European Pultrusion Technology Association (EPTA) already highlighted this cost-effective composite parts manufacturing process in its latest report on the 2018 World Pultrusion Conference. Customized pultrusions used in the automotive industry are often linked to glass fiber-reinforced profiles employed in corrosion resistance and construction applications.

An Indian company’s recent collaboration with an Italian firm shows that pultrusion has started to pick up speed in not just automotive but also other applications. The advanced materials division of the Indian conglomerate’s flagship company is aiming for 5G base station materials and other specialty composite products in construction, electrical, and telecom sectors through the collaboration. The partnership will also help the company to strengthen its export potential while tapping into its Italian partner’s European and other markets.

CAMX 2018 Launch of New Offerings Confirms Pultrusion’s Market Success

The market potential of pultrusion seems to have come to the fore with the commercial launch of two new products at CAMX 2018.

Using polyurethane resin for automotive applications, Continuous Composite Systems (CCS) pultrusions are offered at an economic price and contain 30% less mass than aluminum and 75% less than steel. Requiring bulkheads for necessary stiffness, conventional metal structures can be replaced by these pultrusions. CCS pultrusions find application in the architectural and industrial sectors and also wind turbine blade spar caps, besides the automotive industry.

Curved pultrusions are creating a continuously rising trend in the industry, which is confirmed by the launch of the Radius-Pultrusion system. Exhibited at CAMX 2018, this system is said to help with the manufacture of automotive bumper beams. It allows to achieve fast production rates and offers excellent toughness at affordable cost.

The development of hybrid fiber and polyurethane pultrusions could be on the rise in the near future, especially in Europe. The global pultrusion market is anticipated to witness the advent of new technologies that could bring in more business for manufacturers.

Pultrusion Makes the Cut beyond Automotive Industry with Several Benefits

Increasing awareness about the exceptional characteristics of pultrusions is expected to stoke the demand in the global market.

   Low thermal conductivity

   Low maintenance

   High corrosion resistance

   Low weight

   Excellent stiffness and strength

Pultrusions allow major costs savings because of their lightweight nature. Ideal for applications related to electrical insulation, glass fiber pultrusions are gaining a whole lot of demand in the global market due to their electrically non-conductive nature. Custom designed pultrusion profiles are able to withstand extremely high temperatures. Furthermore, fiber reinforcement and resin matrix combinations could be formulated to meet highly demanding fire safety requirements.

There are also other advantages associated with the use of pultrusions:

   Non-magnetic nature

   Transparent to radio frequencies

   Superior fatigue and creep performance

   Good surface finish

   Fire retardant properties



Blog Author

Steven Chopade
June 7, 2019

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