Will IoT Revolutionize Agriculture in Europe?

Since the past few years, the use of innovative technology has increased at a fast pace in almost every sector. To sustain in this competitive environment the top players in various industries are adopting modern technologies and agriculture sector is not lagging behind in incorporating new-age technology to enhance the production of crops. In recent times, European agriculture is facing a series of challenges primarily because of increasing population and other environmental restraints such as soil erosion and water shortages. To overcome these issues the governments of various countries in the Europe region are focusing on adopting smart agriculture technology, which is not only beneficial in bringing food security but also promotes resilience to climate change.  

What is Smart Agriculture?

Smart agriculture is basically a concept of farming management that uses modern technology to enhance the quality and quantity of agricultural products.  It has been observed that the farm productivity in Europe has increased remarkably since last few years mainly because of usage of various smart agriculture technologies such as positioning technologies, communication technologies, robotics and automation, data analytics and so on. After facing acute water shortage in the Almeria South Coastal area of Spain which was ultimately affecting adversely on the production of crops, the farmers have started using water sensors that can record solar radiation, temperature, and humidity along with measuring potassium and nitrates.  

Bosch and Bayer Work together to Launch Innovative Technology in Agriculture

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in an order to feed everyone on this planet, the farmers will have to increase the crops by more than 50% by 2050. To achieve this target farmers and experts in the agriculture sector need to bring innovative crop technology solutions. This is the precise reason that Germany based multinational engineering and technology company Bosch along with pharmaceutical and life sciences company, Bayer AG is working together to develop the technology of smart spraying, which take help of camera sensors to differentiate between weeds and crops. This technology will protect the environment by targeting weeds.

How IoT will Contribute to Smart Farming?

Internet of Things has already introduced cutting edge technology in various industries and have started impacting significantly on the agriculture sector since last few years in Europe. Autonomous vehicles, robots, and sensors are some of the recent technologies that are in use to enhance the overall productivity of yields. There are several IoT application available at present in the Europe market that can track natural forces such as weather forecast, climate change, and soil composition. Drones are also highly used to manage the agricultural process, which not only save time but also collect all the necessary information with the help of aerial maps and pictures. 

Blog Author

Mangesh Nagapurkar
July 11, 2019

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