Will Teenage Vaping Addiction Concerns Affect Business of Vapes Manufacturers?

Once struggled to gain traction in the smoking products market because of their low availability and awareness, vapes or e-cigarettes have now become a fad, especially among youth. For some people, vaping is a pretty normal thing. This is despite the best efforts taken by governments and healthcare authorities to spread awareness about serious consequences of e-cigarette smoking such as severe lung disease. Parents and guardians are very concerned about vaping products companies targeting their teenagers through marketing tactics involving free samples, flashy displays, celebrity endorsements, and television advertisements. Teenagers have the common perception that vaping is safe and could help quit conventional cigarette smoking. Much to their surprise, the world is still waiting for conclusive evidence or research to back vaping as safe smoking.

In fact, some addiction medicine physicians say concentrated liquids used in vapes are metabolized quicker, which makes e-cigarette smoking even more addictive compared to conventional smoking. Moreover, frequent use of vapes in teenagers may lead to heavy smoking later in their lives, research suggests. According to a new study by the University of Pennsylvania published in August 2019, even nicotine-free e-cigarettes could damage blood vessels after a single episode of vaping. Earlier in the same month, the FDA announced that the agency is investigating 127 reports of people experiencing seizures after vaping. What was previously considered “safe,” vaping has been stained by increasing number of studies and news stories that suggest otherwise.

Survival of Vaping Products Companies in Future

There are several news stories and articles doing the rounds on internet media that suggest vaping is as dangerous as smoking, if not more. Doctors have repeatedly raised the alarm about vaping products being harmful to the present as well as future wellbeing of teenagers. What does all of this mean to the business growth of vaping products manufacturers? Will e-cigarette companies survive, say 10 years from now? Frankly speaking, you still hear about new product launches, partnerships between vendors, and building of new facilities in the vaping products industry. In June 2019, JUUL Labs, a US e-cigarette company, announced its purchase of a new office in San Francisco, California to accommodate the company’s rapidly growing team.

At the same time, some large vaping products companies have shown their commitment to reducing underage usage of e-cigarettes and meeting the expected quality and manufacturing standards. In August 2019, JUUL announced a series of new measures to be implemented in the US market to build on the company’s efforts to fight the problem of the use, appeal, and access of vapor products among youth. Market experts predict the global e-cigarettes and vapes market to grow at a tremendous rate in the coming years. Although few in number, there are studies in favor of vaping and use of vapes. As long as the popularity of vaping keeps growing and vendors operate within regulatory standards and develop safe products, the e-cigarettes and vapes business may manage to keep its head above water.

Blog Author

Steven Chopde
August 30, 2019

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