Increase Use of Breathalyzer as a Crime Detection Tool to Boost the Growth of Global Breathalyzer Market


 Published Date : 16 Aug 19   |   Views: 131   |  Industry : Life Science

“Global Breathalyzer Market Report, History and Forecast 2013-2025,” is the new research report published by QYR Consulting for the predicted period of 7-years, i.e. between 2018 and 2025. According to this report, the global Breathalyzer market is foretold to witness a prominent growth during the predicted period. People are more aware of the adverse effect of alcohol and drug consumption which is directly or indirectly going to affect the global Breathalyzer market. Governments across the world, as well as private organizations, are implementing stringent rules and regulations related to alcohol and drug detection at their workplaces and premises.

Segmental Analysis

Analysts at QYR Consulting have studied every aspect as well as segment of the global market that is going to affect on Breathalyzer market. The market is primarily segmented into two segments such as by type, and by end-users. By type, the market is segmented into active and passive Breathalyzer. Growing sales and increasing demand for Breathalyzer is expected to show significant growth in active Breathalyzer segment in the forecasted period. An active Breathalyzer is easy to function and has a rising application in law implementation. By end-user, the global Breathalyzer market is segmented into hospital settings, government agencies, diagnosis centers, home settings, and Others. By end-users, government agencies are likely to hold as a substantial market share in the global Breathalyzer market followed by various other segments.

North America

Regional Analysis

Regionally, North America is predicted to acquire a remarkable market share in the global Breathalyzer market. Increasing usage of a variety of Breathalyzers in US is supplementing market growth in North America region. Apart from North America, Asia Pacific is also foreseen to develop at a faster CAGR in the worldwide Breathalyzer market because of various initiatives taken by the government to fight against drug abuse and trafficking.

Key Players

Various key players functioning in the market are Lingraphica, Lifeloc Technologies Inc., Toby Churchill Limited, Prentke Romich Company Inc., Intoximeters, Saltillo Corporation. Players, AK Global Technology, Quest Products Inc., and Drägerwerk AG. Market participants in the global Breathalyzer market are anticipated to adopt various financial as well as marketing strategies such as partnership, acquisition, merger, and introduction of technologically advanced products to sustain a strong position in the market across the globe.

Global CAGR During 2020-2026


Market Dynamics

Portable Breathalyzers are trending nowadays which is anticipated to make a positive impression on the global Breathalyzer market. Various technology-friendly Breathalyzers are launched by manufacturers that have advanced technologies like infrared spectrophotometer technology and fuel cell technology. These technologies are expected to generate growth opportunities in the years to come. Key factors such as public safety, law enforcement, and alcohol and drug detection are prognosticated to increase demand for Breathalyzer in the worldwide market. Breathalyzer also has application in diagnosis of diseases like asthma, pylori, and tuberculosis.

The Breathalyzer is used as a crime investigation instrument because of the growing number of drink and drive cases, social misconduct, criminal abuse associated with intoxicating drinks, and domestic violence. The Breathalyzer is helping government authorities and cops to regulate law and order in society.

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