Global Interior Wall Putty Powder Market to Earn US$4.7 Billion by 2026


 Published Date : 02 Mar 20   |   Views: 106   |  Industry : Chemical & Material

QYR Consulting predicts the global interior wall putty powder market to grow at a robust CAGR of 8.0% during the forecast period 2020-2026. Titled “Interior Wall Putty Powder Market Report: Company Analysis, History and Future Overview, Global Sales Trends by 2025,” a report authored by QYR Consulting also mentions that the global market value is projected to reach US$4.7 Bn by the end of 2026. In 2019, the global interior wall putty powder market achieved a value of US$2.7 Bn.

Segmental Analysis

The demand for cement-based interior wall putty powder is expected to increase in the coming years. Cement-based interior wall putty powder is used in the construction of outhouses, educational institutions, shopping complexes, stadiums, offices, and houses. Among application segments, residential building is anticipated to account for a considerable share of the global interior wall putty powder market in future. This could be attributed to the increase of homebuilding activities, especially in emerging countries with large population growth.

Asia Pacific

Regional Analysis

Heavy presence of major players, aggressive urbanization growth leading to increasing construction activities, and improving focus in infrastructure development could help Asia Pacific to solidify its growth in the global interior wall putty powder market. Furthermore, interior wall putty powder is a popular and frequently used building and construction material in countries such as India. In some Asia Pacific countries, interior wall putty powder is preferred over plaster of Paris because of its excellent paint and finish effects, exceptional adhesion strength, no water curing requirement, and many other advantages.

Key Players

The report covers leading manufacturers of interior wall putty powder, including J.K. Cement Ltd., Birla White, Meihui, Duobang, Walplast, Bauhinia, Saint-Gobain Weber, SKSHU, Asian Paints, Dulux, Mapei, Lion, Langood, Platinum Plaster Ltd., Nippon Paint, and Meichao. In February 2020, Nippon Paint quickly responded to the need for accelerated construction of the Xiaotangshan Hospital in China amid the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. The company completed the supply and production of putty and other exterior wall coating materials for certain sections of the hospital.

Global CAGR During 2020-2026


Market Dynamics

The global interior wall putty powder market is anticipated to gain from increasing number of government initiatives and plans focusing on infrastructure improvement or renovation. The construction boom, especially in emerging countries, could further add to the demand for interior wall putty powder in the coming years. Increasing use of new techniques to ensure better and even paint finish for walls is predicted to positively impact the global interior wall putty powder market. Interior wall putty powder is also expected to gain demand in the commercial sector as good as the non-commercial sector. It is commonly sold along with wall paints, and the increasing demand for paints and painting materials could create sales opportunities for players.

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