Global Microbial Control Chemical Market is Likely to Touch US$ 9.3 Bn by 2025


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QYR Consulting has recently published a new report offering market analysis on the global market of Microbial Control Chemical. The report is titled, “Microbial Control Chemical Market Report: Company Analysis, History and Future Overview, Global Sales Trends by 2025” that provides accurate CAGR forecasts, segments, growth drivers, and overview of top players. According to the report, the global Microbial Control Chemical market is likely to reach US$ 9.3 Bn by 2025 from US$ 6.4 Bn in 2018. The global Microbial Control Chemical Market is predicted to register a moderate CAGR of 5.4% from 2019 to 2025.

Segmental Analysis

An Effective Solution to Provide Clean Water is Likely to Propel the Growth of the Application Segment

The method, type, and application are three prominent segments of the market. The application segment includes Preservation & Protection, Water Treatment, Personal Care, Health & Hygiene, Wood Preservation, Oil & Gas, and Food & Beverages. High demand for water treatment chemicals in the industrial and oil & gas sector to rid water of contamination and to provide clean water is likely to boost the growth of the application segment.

The method segment is sub-segmented into Antisepsis, Disinfection, and Sterilization while the type segment is classified into Phenolics, Halogens, Aldehydes, Oxidizing agents, Heavy metal, BIT, Alcohol, IPBC, and Oxazolidines.

Asia Pacific

Regional Analysis

Asia-Pacific – Concerns regarding Health and Hygiene to Boost the Growth of the Market

Rapid industrialization and increasing water and food pollution has resulted into the adoption of methods to prevent contamination and spread of disease. Rising needs to promote water treatment in the industrial and commercial sector and increasing need to maintain health and hygienic conditions in the food industry is fostering the growth of the market in the Asia-Pacific region.


Key Players

The Dow Chemical Company Offers New Products to Strengthen Portfolio

Some of the major payers operating in the market are Limin Chemical Co. Ltd., The Dow Chemical Company, Syngenta AG, Nufarm Limited, Lonza, Bayer AG, BASF Corporation, FMC Corporation, and Marrone Bio Innovations. Companies are inclined to invest in product innovations and R&D to develop novel products.

For instance, The Dow Chemical Company, announced two new products AQUCAR™ 7140 LT and AQUCAR™ TN 250 LT for its water treatment product line strengthening their portfolio.

Global CAGR During 2020-2026


Market Dynamics

Increasing Demand for Disinfectants to Boost the Growth of the Market

Concerns regarding health and hygiene in the Food and Beverage industry has led to a demand for Microbial Control Chemical. They are effective as disinfectants for cleaning, maintaining the health and hygiene, and for preventing contamination of food. Effective measures to prevent and curb the spread of harmful bacteria has led to the growth of the market. The agriculture sector has largescale demand for these chemicals to prevent fungal growth on crop harvest, thereby boosting the growth of the market.

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