Global Photo Booth Market Anticipated to Touch over US$600 Million by 2025


 Published Date : 22 Oct 19   |   Views: 129   |  Industry : Machinery & Equipment

QYR Consulting has released a new report on the global photo booth market, titled “Photo Booth Market Report: Company Analysis, History and Future Overview, Global Sales Trends by 2025.” As per the report, the total value of the global photo booth market is projected to reach over US$600 Mn by 2025. In 2018, the total global market value reached more than US$250 Mn. The global photo booth market is expected to register a robust growth rate of over 12% during the forecast period 2019-2025. High rate of photo booth installation at wedding, party, and other event venues could strengthen the demand in the global market. According to market experts, Innovative FOTO and Photo-Me are top players of the global photo booth market.

Segmental Analysis

Entertainment Occasion and Document Photo are Key Applications of Photo Booth

The report includes detailed analysis of important product type segments of the global photo booth market, such as equipment sales and rental service. On the basis of application, the global photo booth market is segmented into entertainment occasion and document photo. All of the market segments are analyzed in great detail with strong focus on market share, future growth potential, and recent developments.

Europe and North America

Regional Analysis

Consumption of Photo Booth Expected to Stay Strong in Europe and North America

The US is predicted to play a crucial part in the development of the global photo booth market. Trailed by North America, Europe could take the lead in the global photo booth market in terms of market share. In terms of sales, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and China are expected to show decent growth in future. On the other hand, Europe and North America may show significant consumption in the global photo booth market.

Key Players

Competition to Grow Intense with Increased Innovation and Raw Material Cost Control

The report offers comprehensive company profiling of leading players of the global photo booth market, including Photobooth Supply Co., Snapden, Face Place, Photo Booth Emporium, Digital Centre, AirBooth, Kingdom Photo Booth, Photo Booth International, DLSR Photobooth, Photo-Me, Road Ready Photo Booths, Extreme Booths, Foto Master, Open Air Photobooth, ATA Photobooths, Your City Photo Booth, Fang Tu Intelligent, Team Play, PhotoExpress, Red Robot, WanMingDa, and Innovative FOTO Inc.

Global CAGR During 2020-2026


Market Dynamics

High Popularity of Vintage Photo Shoot Likely to Push Forward Demand for Photo Booth

The global demand for photo booth is expected to increase in future as the trend of vintage photography continues to grow. Despite the rise of social media and growing popularity of Instagram and Snapchat, the global photo booth market could gain healthy growth in the coming years. The uniqueness of photo booth, advantage of receiving instant hard copy of photographs, and high interest in green screens, photo booth seats, and other photo booth accessories are anticipated to create sales opportunities for market players. The modernization of photo booth could be another factor supporting the overall growth of the global market. While some companies still prefer to maintain the classic look of photo booth, others have added new equipment such as iPads to their photo booths.

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