Glossmeter Market Report

Company Analysis, History and Future Overview, Global Sales Trends by 2025

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The gloss of a surface can be affected by multiple factors such as polishing smoothness, coating amount and type, and substrate quality. With the help of a gloss meter and good quality control practices, the gloss of the product can be protected. Glossmeter can be deployed on smooth, treated or untreated surfaces such as stone, laminates, wood, and floors. A variety of practical applications including paints and coatings, plastic, automotive parts, and paper are associated with it.

Manufacturers to Introduce Novel Glossmeter in Coming Years

For instance, one of the key companies, BYK-Gardner has launched the micro-TRI-gloss. This multi-angle gloss meter has three measuring angles and an extended gloss range of up to 2,000 gloss units. The product is suitable for applications including paint, plastic, and highly reflective metals.

The report has studied the strategic activities of the major players in the global Glossmeter market including BYK-Gardner, Konica Minolta, Elcometer, HORIBA, ElektroPhysik, 3nh, TQC, Nippon Denshoku, sheen, KSJ, Zehntner, Rhopoint, Panomex Inc., and Erichsen.

Extensive Research to Develop the Technology May Boost Glossmeter Market Growth

Extensive research to develop the manufacturing technology of Glossmeter is likely to open doors for the Glossmeter market. Additionally, the automotive industry is increasingly investing in offering quality products with gloss and color levels for better interior comfort quality, as it has the maximum appeal to the customers. This is widening the application scope of Glossmeter.

Market Segmentation

By Product Type

   Single Angle


   Two Angles


   Multi Angles


By Application





   Paper Industry


   Hardware Industry






Glossmeter having multi angles is gaining huge traction as it has the ability to measure the gloss of the material from different geometrical angles i.e. 20°, 60°, 85°. Most paints and coatings are gloss controlled from formulation and are checked frequently during manufacture and lastly during application so that the products have the maximum visual impact. Usage of Glossmeter is also increasing in the plastic industry as the industry manufactures products of varied shapes and sizes which require gloss measurement.

By Region


As per the analysts, North America and Europe will witness increased demand for advanced Glossmeter in the coming years. Moreover, novel product launches and increasing renovation of old technology are positively affecting the Glossmeter market growth in these regions. Asia Pacific is also not falling back as the adoption of Glossmeter is increasing in China, thus driving the APAC market.

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Glossmeter Market Report