We believe the continuous and sincere efforts of our valued teams has helped us grow as a company. Our subject matter experts, research analysts, and support teams have steadily built the company from the ground up, guiding our clients toward precision-driven outcomes. Each passing year since our inception we have improved our value-added services to serve over 41,000 esteemed clients who are global leaders from various industries around the world. Today, we take pride in our exhaustive database and data support system that caters to the unique needs of our clients.

Creating an employee-centric atmosphere to build a sustainable employment model has been our key area of development. Over the years, we have nurtured talents, which have been our pillars of strength. It is the core of our business that humbles and drives us toward innovating our services for business transformation. At QYR Consulting we believe that change is inevitable, dynamic, and swift. Thus we believe in being agile in our outlooks and flexible with our strategies to make things possible.

We established as a research firm in 2007 and have since grown into a trusted brand amongst many industries. Over the years, we have consistently worked toward delivering high-quality customized solutions for wide range of clients ranging from ICT to healthcare industries. With over 50,000 satisfied clients, spread over 80 countries, we have sincerely strived to deliver the best analytics through exhaustive research methodologies.



Our vision is to create a meaningful future through fact-based research, accurate analysis, and well-informed decisions.



Our mission is to offer unquestionable quality of reports that are authentic and holistic for achieving desired outcomes.


Customer is the King

We are passionate about scripting success stories for all our customers with our years of experience in understanding various markets. We walk in our customer’s shoes to understand their needs, objectives, and goals. It is our constant endeavor to build transparent relationship with our clients and deliver solutions with utmost integrity because our customers the very engine of our business. To us, our customers are our family and making them win is our only work strategy.


Excellence is our very core value that lies at the heart of every decision. Our team promises to deliver exceptional services with a complete focus on your long-term goals and objectives. We are committed to providing excellent strategies and invaluable insights to make your business a true success. With us, consider excellence delivered.


Authenticity is our key value, which we believe helps us make long-term relationships with our customers. We have strived to build meaningful relationships that bring mutual benefit. We aim to build a network that relies on trust, transparency, and truthfulness.

Our Culture

At QYR Consulting we have sincerely built teams with trust and friendship. Over the years we have developed an esteemed team of researchers and sales executives, who ardently strive to cater to the needs of our clients. We are proud to say that we help our customers make their opportunities actionable. All of this has been achieved through an employee-centric working environment. Creating sustainable working environment through shared experiences, nurturing diversity of thought and sentiment, and innovative thinking have been the cornerstones of company.

We can emphatically state that the culture of our company is to uphold fairness and instil accountability in the way we function. Our focus has always been toward building the right relationships to realize the true potential of our mission and vision, along with those of our clients.

We work in a wide range of companies – oil and gas, pharmaceutical, automotive, and chemical and materials – which makes it imperative to a transparent and an open culture that encourages sharing of knowledge.

Our relationship with our clients and employees has helped us gain a better insight into the market through centralized information sharing system and thereby accurate risk assessment. We aim to remain a company that will be driven by humble ethos of honesty and teamwork.

Why Us?

At QYR Consulting we are focused and committed to delivering the best solutions to our esteemed clients. Our comprehensive research reports are aimed at offering the most reliable advice to our clients across varying time zones. We understand your needs and it remains our consistent effort to provide you with accurate data and unbiased analysis to make the right business decisions.

You can rely on us for the superior quality of data as our experienced uses various data verification methods to validate and authenticate it. In addition, the expansive network, covering a wide range of industries, allows us a chance to authenticate the information gathered by our analyst. Thus, you can be rest assured that the data we offer is unquestionably reliable.

What Sets Us Apart?

We Make Your Mission, Ours
We Make Your Mission, Ours.

Our ability to adapt and remain flexible to your demands makes us the best choice. We realign our processes each time our client demands a specification. It is imperative to us that we match your mission, for collective progress.

We Offer Wide Coverage.

We cover a wide range of industries such as agriculture, healthcare, food & beverages, automobiles, internet & communications, services & software, and many others. With a huge range of clients, we have created an exhaustive repository of research reports. Each day, at QYR Consulting, we aim to discover various aspects of the global economy through customized and syndicated reports.

We Offer Wide Coverage.

We are Ahead of Others.
We are Ahead of Others.

We are the only ones in the market to deliver reports within 24-hours after payment confirmation. Our job extends beyond just selling the report. We offer exclusive after-sales support to ensure your plans have been transformed into actions. Our continuous market watch and tracking of the smallest developments makes us well-equipped to handle your queries at any hour!

We are a combination of dedication, strategizing, and delivering, which has made us winners in the market with each passing year!