Adimab Gets Together with Novo Nordisk, Aims to Discover Antibody-based Protein Therapeutics

Published On :   2020-01-15

The key purpose behind this strategic move is to discover protein therapeutics that are antibody-based and expand the platform.

Adimab, LLC, a leading company in the discovery of monoclonal as well as bispecific antibodies, has lately partnered with Novo Nordisk, a Danish multinational pharmaceutical company. This partnership involved the extension of Adimab Platform license agreement with the latter company. The key purpose behind this strategic move is to discover protein therapeutics that are antibody-based and expand the platform.

Novo Nordisk to get an Access to in Vivo Antibody Discovery Platforms

"Nearly all the companies we have partnered with have the right to use in vivo antibody discovery platforms. Novo Nordisk is among them. It is gradually getting clear that for many new targets, you require an in vitro approach and innovative protein engineering capabilities," said Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Adimab, Tillman Gerngross. "Novo Nordisk has deployed the Adimab Platform for more than 5 years and this eventually confirms that trend in our industry", added Gerngross.

As per the agreement terms, Novo Nordisk will have constant access to an innovative human antibody library and will receive an authorization to the Adimab Platform for usage on a limitless number of targets. Novo Nordisk will also have the ability to access upgrades to the Adimab Platform, comprising software upgrades, new antibody libraries, and new protein engineering capabilities. Additionally, Adimab will get an unrevealed extension charge as well as development and sales milestones, along with tiered royalties on the annual net sales.

Adimab’s Innovative Platform to help Novo Nordisk Advance Therapeutic Programs

Lars Fogh Iversen, Senior Vice-President of Novo Nordisk's Global Research Technologies unit, reflected, "Adimab has shown the value of its innovative platform and it is essential for Novo Nordisk to obtain long-term access to its technology. Novo Nordisk is committed to protein-based therapeutics and it is crucial for the company to gain access to premier tools in order to advance the therapeutic programs of the highest quality."

Since 2013, Adimab has collaborated with 6 leading pharmaceutical companies. The base structure of these collaborations requires Adimab to provide each partner with novel library diversity and training so as to discover bispecifics, IgGs, and non-IgG modalities.

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