Alliance Automotive Group Enters into Agreement to Buy Todd Group

Published On :   2019-07-18

Genuine Parts Company, parent company of Alliance Automotive Group, projects the acquired business to attract around $85 million in annual revenues.

Alliance Automotive Group (AAG), a London-based distributor of commercial and passenger vehicle parts, has signed the acquisition of Todd Group, a French truck parts and accessories distributor. Operating as a subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company (GPC), a US service organization involved in distribution of automotive replacement parts, AAG is anticipated to complete the transaction in Q4 2019. The transaction will require relevant regulatory approvals and fulfillment of customary closing conditions to see completion. The acquisition was announced by GPC, which is projecting the acquired business to earn around $85 million in annual revenues.

“Todd’s addition complements our network and builds on AAG’s industry-leading position as the biggest distributor for France’s independent heavy-duty aftermarket. We’re looking ahead to close this transaction and welcome Todd’s team to our company,” said CEO of AAG, Jean-Jacques Lafont.

Todd’s large experience to help GPC expand heavy-duty business in France

Based in northern France’s Normandy region, Todd is a prominent truck parts and accessories distributor to the country’s independent heavy-duty aftermarket. The company offers its customers parts and services for almost every brand of commercial vehicles, buses, semi-trailers, trailers, and trucks. It has a national network consisting of 35 branches. According to sources, it could prove to be a great addition to GPC’s European automotive business.

“We’re happy for joining forces with Todd and further expanding our heavy-duty parts and services portfolio. The heavy-duty market continues to show growth at solid rates and has avoided economic and other pressures to a great extent in Europe. With a rich history that dates back to 1975, Todd is an excellent company, and we’re delighted for working together to expand our heavy-duty business in France,” said CEO of GPC, Paul Donahue.

AAG serves the independent aftermarket in Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, the UK, and Germany, besides France. It has a network of around 1,800 affiliated outlets and over 300 company-owned stores. With more than 100,000 different parts for maintenance and repair, it serves an estimated 40,000 garages.

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