Australian Sports and Beverage and Nutrition Company R3Hydr8 to Partner with Athletics Australia

Published On :   2019-08-26

Australia-based R3Hydr8 sports beverage and Nutrition Company has announced a partnership with Athletics Australia. In order to meet the hydration needs, R3Hydr8 will supply electrolyte drinks to the athletes. R3Hydr8 is focussed on providing natural and sustainable ways to fuel professionals as well as sportspeople. R3Hydr8 permitted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) with the help of an independent ISO recognised laboratory, HASTA for not using banned substances in their products.

Darren Gocher, CEO of Athletics Australia said that all the athletes would be benefitted from this partnership to move forward. “R3Hydr8 is new into the market and we expect to help them to establish strong relationships with the Australians. Moreover, we will observe the strength of R3hydr8 at the Cross-Country Championships.”

Products of R3hydr8 are prepared by renowned sports dieticians, who have vast experience not only in research but also in practical applications of sports nutrition in pre and post-exercise. These products are designed to enhance carbohydrate and fluid absorption from the gut and replace sodium for the damage repair of an average athlete.

CEO of R3hydr8, Karl Longley said, “Partnership with Athletics Australia is a stepping stone for our company. Collaboration with Athletics Australia was very obvious for R3hydr8 as the company want to launch itself in Australian as well as global marketplace. Athletics Australia’s long history of excellent results, community programs, and high-performance athletes mirror the vision R3hydr8 will have in the future.”

Expert’s Point of View

Alan McCubbin, Sports Dietician of R3Hydr8 has worked with the medical team and dieticians of Athletics Australia to make sure that the product fulfils the criteria in the Athletics Australia Supplement Policy and as per the HASTA batch tested for WADA banned substances.

McCubbin said, “Neither all field events are of the same category nor all athletes have equal hydration and fuelling needs. We are working closely with Athletics Australia to make sure that with the help of R3Hydr8, athletes will get required electrolyte and carbohydrates to show their best performance.”

Australia based R3Hydr8 is an advanced sport, health, and well- being company functioning on the mission to create a healthier and cleaner way to supplement sportspersons as well as common people to improve their health and lifestyle from grass-roots.

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