AWS to Migrate NASCAR’s Historical Content to its Cloud as New Partner

Published On :   2019-06-18

Amazon Web Services(AWS), an Amazon subsidiary providing cloud computing services, has entered into a partnership with NASCAR, an American auto racing sanctioning and operating company. A multi-year agreement has been recently signed between the two companies to move almost 500,000 hours or 18 petabytes of NASCAR’s historical video content to the AWS cloud. In order to automate tagging and indexing of digital content, AWS will be using AI and cloud-based machine learning, as per the partnership agreement. If done manually, the same task would take several thousands of man hours, according to experts. AWS has already started to receive NASCAR’s content while the agreement has just been signed.

“Along with our broad machine learning and analytics capabilities, Amazon’s 20 years of experience in machine learning makes AWS the best choice for companies that want to use machine learning for establishing new levels of engagement with their customers, and gaining insights into their data,” said AWS’ Worldwide Commercial Sales VP, Mike Clayville.



Powered by AWS, a new video series will be aired on NASCAR.com

Every frame of NASCAR’s content will be examined by AWS with the help of its Amazon Rekognition service. Furthermore, AWS will use the service for automatically tagging who or what is within the content. In order to transcribe race broadcasts or interviews, the company will also make use of its own proprietary voice recognition service. The partnership will see This Moment in NASCAR History, a new video series on NASCAR.com, powered by AWS being aired.

“NASCAR delivers even more impactful content to fans and enhances the way people experience the sport by using cloud technology. The unmatched cloud services portfolio of AWS gives NASCAR the most powerful and flexible tools for bringing the sport’s new elements to live broadcasts of races,” said Clayville.

For NASCAR, the partnership with AWS is critical, considering the infrastructure costs for supporting the storage of enormous size of digital content. Content from approximately 70 years since NASCAR’s establishment has been collected by the racing body’s sanctioning authorities and founding members, and will now be migrated to the AWS cloud.

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