Emerson Buys Zedi’s Automation and Software Solutions Businesses

Published On :   2019-07-09

The acquisition will help Emerson to benefit from expanded opportunities in the world oil and gas production market.

Emerson, a US-based global technology and engineering company, has reached the completion of its acquisition of the automation and software businesses of Zedi, a Canadian technology and services company. Emerson is said to benefit from Zedi’s cloud supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) platform. With cloud-based optimization, control, and monitoring, the company will be able to further help oil and gas businesses to reduce operating costs and improve production. In the global oil and gas production market, it will be able to gain expanded opportunities due to the combination of its extensive flow metering, instrumentation, controller, and applications portfolio with Zedi’s applications expertise and scalable cloud platform.

“Today’s oil and gas production companies are challenged to achieve production targets while controlling costs, and they’re searching for opportunities for making their teams more effective and transforming operations through mobility, analytics, and other digital solutions. This significant investment strengthens Emerson’s portfolio and ability to help our customers to achieve Top Quartile performance through emerging IIoT technologies,” said Systems and Solutions Business Group President at Emerson, Jim Nyquist.

Combination to provide end-to-end connected solutions to optimize operations

Currently, Zedi enables customers for monitoring scores of applications and devices and over 2 million sensors with its technology. Its automation and software businesses and Emerson have a common vision, and that is to automate production processes with the help of machine learning and cloud and edge analytics. Producers will be able to manage and optimize their operations using easily deployable and scalable end-to-end connected solutions offered by the combination of Emerson and Zedi’s expertise and software.

“As global demand for energy continues to grow, it is a top priority to help our vital oil and gas market customers to maximize their resources. We help the industry to navigate ever-changing operational challenges and market dynamics through our company’s vast portfolio of automation technologies. The addition of Zedi bolsters our company’s ability for helping customers in leveraging latest advances from the field to the refinery,” said Automation Solutions Business Executive President at Emerson, Lal Karsanbhai.

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