Google to Make another Purchase for Cloud Business with Acquisition of Elastifile

Published On :   2019-07-10

Acquisition of Elastifile is part of Google’s effort to improve its share in the global cloud market.

Google, a US multinational technology company specializing in internet-related services and products, will acquire another company under new Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian. Recently, the search engine giant announced that it will buy Elastifile, an American cloud-native, multi-cloud, enterprise file storage solution provider. In June 2019, Kurian made his first big move by announcing the acquisition of Looker, a US business intelligence software and big data analytics platform. In the same month, it was announced that Chronicle, Alphabet’s cybersecurity company, will merge with Google Cloud. According to Google, the deal with Elastifile is anticipated to see a closure later in 2019.

“You’ll see our company accelerating the growth even quicker than we have to date,” said Kurian at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in February 2019. Google Cloud is expected to increase investment in its sales and distribution activities and work toward the expansion of its business.

Elastifile to add to Google Cloud’s storage and computing strengths

Google has not yet disclosed the cost to acquire Elastifile. The addition of Elastifile will help Google Cloud to increase its storage and computing capabilities. According to Google, Elastifile’s platform will be integrated with Cloud Filestore after the acquisition. Google Cloud will expand its offerings as Elastifile brings its technology to the company.

Leading cloud companies such as Microsoft and Amazon have acquired sizable shares of the market, and Google is still trailing these companies in terms of market share. In November 2018, Kurian joined Google Cloud, replacing former chief Diane Greene. With only almost eight months in office, Kurian has started to take aggressive steps to improve Google’s cloud business. According to sources, Amazon secured nearly 32% share and Microsoft collected around 14% share of the global cloud market last year. On the other hand, Google held more than 7% market share.

“Threats posed by attackers to organizations, governments, and businesses across the world have only grown more urgent and sophisticated. At Google Cloud, the need of our customers to defend against threats and securely store data, either on premise or in the cloud, is a top priority,” Kurian wrote in his June 2019 blog post.

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