Icahn Automotive Adds UTI Avondale as Partner

Published On :   2019-06-03

Icahn Automotive Group, a US company engaged in aftermarket automotive parts distribution and service, has announced partnership with Universal Technical Institute (UTI) Avondale, a US-based provider of technical training to make entry-level careers in the automotive, transportation, and other industries. According to a press release, the partnership is aimed at filling a projected 46,000 job positions in the capacity of auto service technician. Icahn Automotive’s Race to 2026 initiative had already partnered with Precision Tune Auto Care, AAMCO, and Pep Boys.

“We are passionate to offer more number of students with the resources for forging a strong start in the automotive sector and to show them how rewarding a skilled trades career can be,” said Brian Kaner, President of Service at Icahn Automotive.


UTI Avondale to receive benefits such as access to internship and apprenticeship opportunities

“Our Race to 2026 initiative involves close collaboration with leading post-secondary education providers. Icahn Automotive is committed to shift the perception of the industry and train tomorrow’s automotive technicians so that more number of students are attracted to this viable career,” said Kaner, according to Icahn Automotive’s press release in March 2019.

Kaner made an announcement of the partnership between Icahn Automotive and UTI at an event. He recently awarded a UTI student with a $2,500 scholarship from Icahn Automotive. In addition, he helped in the unveiling of new designs and classrooms at UTI. As per a press release, UTI Avondale will receive benefits including continuing education opportunities, access to internship and apprenticeship opportunities, tuition reimbursement, and scholarships as part of the partnership. In June 2019, Icahn Automotive will award 12 scholarships worth up to $2,500 each under its Automotive Technician Scholarship Program.

“The Icahn Automotive scholarship program is a representation of an extra level of investment in our industry’s future and the people powering it. It is essential to support students interested in skilled trades to ensure that we have sufficient number of qualified professionals who are ready to service customer vehicles for decades to come,” said Dan Ninivaggi, CEO of Icahn Automotive, according to the company’s press release in February 2019.

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