Leading IT Service Provider InterVision Acquires Fotis Network

Published On :   2019-10-10

California-based IT strategic service providing firm InterVision has recently acquired Fotis Network. Fotis is a Boston-based company that provides professional IT services in the healthcare, education and commercial sector. Earlier in the month of September, InterVision acquired SeyVu, a Folsom, which is a provider of artificial intelligence and big data analytics capabilities. Both the acquisitions were made to fill out InterVision’s expertise and services capabilities to expand solutions. However, the value of the acquisition of both companies is yet to be disclosed. 


While explaining the reason behind choosing Fotis as a partner, Chief Revenue Officer of InterVision, Jamie Lee said, “Our relationship with Fotis has strengthened since last few years that makes this acquisition a better choice.” He informed that around 60% revenue of Fotis Network is earned by InterVision. 


“The main intention behind making a lot of subcontracting to Fotis is a shortage of staff for our projects. Besides, it is a profitable business that is bringing around 40 people in InterVision,” Lee stated.  


SeyVu with no Real Sales Force to Bring Ten Data Scientists 


InterVision is already in partnership with SeyVu for the last one year to bring its abilities with its more than 3,000 customers that would boost the business of InterVision. “We are aware of the customers’ need for machine learning and data scientists and therefore we have been working with SeyVu on the projects such as fraud prevention and public cloud projects,” Lee said.  


“We are not opportunity-constrained but resource-constrained. As our customers like what we do, they also want us to extend some technologies such as a cloud. Companies such as SeyVu and Fotis will able to give us such opportunities in assistance with a growing sales force,” added Lee. He further said that there were two common things between SeyVu and Fotis Network. “Both are our long-time partners and both of them have been helping us in extending our bench with no real sales force of their own,” Lee said. 


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