Nestlé to Sell New Plant-based Burger in US under its Sweet Earth Brand

Published On :   2019-06-04

Nestle, a Swiss food and beverage giant, will introduce its own plant-based burger named Awesome Burger in the US market this fall, according to sources. The new burger will be launched through the company’s brand Sweet Earth, which it bought in a 2017 acquisition deal. It will be available at universities, restaurants, and grocery stores. Brian and Kelly Swette, Founders of Sweet Earth, are not new to the plant-based burger business. Sources say they started to introduce their own version of plant-based burger a long time ago, even before a plant-based option was available at restaurants.

“Our company has great admiration for its competitors and what they are trying to do. However, it is also exciting for us to compete,” said Brian Swette.

This is not the first time that Sweet Earth has come up with a veggie burger. However, it could be said that Awesome Burger is the company’s first one meant to mimic real burgers closely. The new burger will be primarily prepared with yellow pea protein.

Awesome Burger’s organic version will also be available, said Sweet Earth founder

“Our company just felt for the US market. Pea protein is popular for a range of reasons, one of them is that it is an extremely sustainable crop, and is really trending,” said Kelly Swette.

According to Kelly Swette, Sweet Earth will have a competitive advantage as Nestlé provides support with production and sourcing. Market analysts say that limited production capacity has been the main reason that top vendors of plant-based burgers have had a tough time in meeting the rising demand. In April 2019, Nestlé made one of its biggest moves in the meat-free market by launching new 100% plant-based burgers in Europe and the US. The Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger is a wheat and soy-based veggie burger.

Kelly Swette said Awesome Burger will have a competitive pricing compared to other plant-based burgers. Furthermore, she said the price may be pushed closer to that of a beef burger, following improvements in sourcing and production. The new burger will also be available in an organic version.

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