PrestoSports and NAIA Expand Strategic Partnership to Improve Member Engagement

Published On :   2019-06-06

PrestoSports, a US provider of industry-leading sports technology solutions, recently expanded its partnership with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes(NAIA), an athletic association for small universities and colleges in North America. The two organizations took the decision to improve the experience of fans and members. The expansion of the strategic partnership will help the NAIA in implementing an all-in-one sports technology platform for its student-athletes, conferences, and schools. The association focuses on offering its members with enhanced visibility and increasing memberships. With a view to support institutional strategic priorities of its members, it provides necessary tools and opportunities.

“PrestoSports is very delighted for expanding its relationship with the NAIA and its member institutions. NAIA members have incredible passion and connection with their fans, and our company is honored to work with them. We are moving ahead with our vision to provide engaging, all-in-one solutions, matched with PrestoSports’ amazing industry experts team, for schools that have passionate fans, such as the NAIA,” said President of PrestoSports, Keith Womack.



The partnership will provide NAIA members with several benefits including special pricing

For the NAIA and its several member schools, the Stretch Internet platform of PrestoSports has been the official streaming solution for the past five years. For its engagement needs, the NAIA uses the unified platform provided with the integration of PrestoSports camps solutions and its website and the Stretch Internet streaming services. NAIA members will receive many benefits such as incentives and special pricing because of the expanded partnership with PrestoSports. Furthermore, the NAIA will have enhanced efficiencies for sharing information with its members. It will also have an updated association website.

“In the digital collegiate athletics space, PrestoSports is becoming a leader quickly, so for the NAIA, this announcement is exciting. From the technology side, PrestoSports offers its partners and clients a cutting-edge experience that we feel will rival its competitors. It has demonstrated its commitment to long-term success. For the NAIA, they are a great fit and the perfect partner for helping elevate the way we are promoting our brand,” said VP of Marketing at the NAIA, Paige Salveter.

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