Sweetgreen Acquires Galley Foods in its First Purchase

Published On :   2019-06-12

Sweetgreen, a US fast casual restaurant chain, has acquired Galley Foods, an American meal service that delivers ready-to-eat fresh meals, in a cash and stock deal of undisclosed amount. This is the very first time that sweetgreen has acquired a company. The acquisition is in line with the company’s mission of connecting people to real food. Through the acquisition, the company will benefit from Galley Food’s high-volume production, live courier operations, and knowledge of logistics technology. Alan Clifford, Co-founder and CEO of Galley Foods, will become part of sweetgreen’s team as Vice President of Logistics.

“As a health-focused company that was also homegrown in Washington DC, we have admired sweetgreen since its beginning. It is a brand that since its inception has inspired other companies for challenging the way they think about connecting people to food and has paved the way for change in the restaurant industry,” said Clifford.



sweetgreen is also partnering with Dreaming Out Loud

Galley Foods will continue to serve and operate in Washington DC while benefiting from sweetgreen’s supply chain comprising regional distributors, producers, and growers.

“Both sweetgreen and Galley Foods are companies with DC roots, and they are like-minded in sweetgreen’s mission and its commitment to its customers for better understanding them and meeting them wherever they are. We are looking forward to welcome Alan and his team with this mutual thinking and the unparalleled insight of Galley Foods into delivery,” said Jonathan Neman, sweetgreen’s Co-founder and CEO.

Sources say sweetgreen is also entering into a partnership with Dreaming Out Loud, an American not-for-profit organization that is building an equitable and a healthy food system for marginalized Washington DC community members. Families that participate in the summer CSA at The Kelly Miller Farm will be offered by Galley Foods and sweetgreen with prepared meals made using local ingredients. Urban farm program The Kelly Miller Farm provides fresh fruits and vegetables, and is at Kelly Miller Middle School. Family-style Galley meals will be provided to more than 50 households in July 2019. The households will also receive tips for creating dinner, using the produce from their CSA boxes, at home.


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