Zoetis to Acquire Platinum Performance to Strengthen Pet Care and Equine Portfolios

Published On :   2019-07-23

Zoetis Inc., a US-based producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock, recently signed a deal for the acquisition of Platinum Performance, an American provider of veterinary-developed horse supplements and vitamins for equine nutrition. The companies have not disclosed the financial terms of the acquisition. Zoetis will add strength to and diversify its pet and equine care portfolios with the help of Platinum’s unique approach to scientific wellness for cats, dogs, and horses and premium nutritional product formulas. The acquisition will help Zoetis to build on its existing nutritional portfolio for cats and dogs and offer more advanced products for horses with the addition of Platinum’s nutritional, premium quality formulas.

“When it comes to dedication to the veterinary profession and high-quality manufacturing, innovative research, and client service, Platinum and Zoetis share similar strengths and values. With Platinum’s proven product formulas and outstanding brand placed in the commercial model of Zoetis, we should be able to grow the company’s scale with more global access to pet owners and veterinarians, enabling us for continuing to fulfill the vision of our family for the scientific wellness in animal care field. Platinum and Zoetis are a terrific match, and we’re excited for being connected to a company with the same mindset,” said Mark Herthel, President of Platinum Performance.

Combining Zoetis and Platinum’s capabilities to increase impact of research trials

The acquisition of Platinum, which helps with expansion in nutritionals, is in line with the rising focus of Zoetis on wellness and health as part of the animal care continuum, spanning from prevention and prediction to diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The combination of capabilities and resources of the two companies is anticipated to help improve the ability to serve clients, nutrition education, and the impact and number of research trials.

“With the acquisition, our company gains a premium brand and an innovative leader in the market for wellness solutions and nutritionals catering to cats, dogs, and horses. We believe our company through its US field force will be able to expand the equine business of Platinum, speed up the growth of its pet care product formulas with pet owners and veterinarians using our digital marketing capabilities, and assess international expansion opportunities over the long term,” stated Zoetis’ Executive VP and Group President, US Operations, Business Development and Strategy, Kristin Peck.

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