Global Rosemary Extract Market to Attain the Value of US$ 270 Mn by 2025 End

 Published Date: 2019-07-16   |   Views: 76   |  Chemical & Material  

QYR Consulting has come up with a new report titled, “Global Rosemary Extract Market Report, History and Forecast 2014-2025.” This report gives detail information about the overall growth of the market for the forecasted period of 6-years, i.e. between 2019 and 2025. According to it, the global Rosemary Extract market is forecasted to grow from US$ 210 Mn in 2018 to US$ 270 Mn by the end of 2025, registering a sluggish CAGR of 3.2% throughout the projected period. Rosemary Extract is used as an anti-oxidizing agent and also a food additive in food and beverages industry. Consumers are now becoming aware of the therapeutic benefits of Rosemary Extract and even if the market is expected to grow at a sluggish rate it will grow remarkably in the years to come.

Global Rosemary Extract Market: Segmentation

According to the report, the global rosemary extract market is segmented into products and applications. On the basis of product type, the market is primarily segmented into Essential Oils, Carnosic Acids, Rosemarinic Acids, and Others. While, based on application, the market is segmented into Pharmaceutical Industry, Household Industry, Food Industry, and Others. In terms of attractiveness index, the Other segment is expected to rank comparatively low in the forecasted period.

Global Rosemary Extract Market: Drivers and Restraints

The global rosemary extract market is predicted to grow in the coming years as a remarkable ratio of manufacturers have started including Rosemary Extract in dairy and meat products as a preservative. Apart from this, rising per capita income, changing lifestyle and faster economic growth are some of the factors that are fuelling the growth of the market.  Rosemary has medical properties and consumers are becoming aware of it, naturally, the demand for Rosemary Extract has increased in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Due to recent growth in the clean label movement, the demand for Rosemary Extract has increased in the food and beverage industry. Besides, significant growth in the process food industry has also created a positive impact on the global Rosemary Extract market for the projected period. 

However, there are many cheap preservatives available in the market which are curtailing the growth of the market. 

Global Rosemary Extract Market: Regional Analysis

The growing demand for herbal products continues to fuel Rosemary Extract market in North America. Rosemary Extract is used in barbeque sauce for the natural taste in South America. Rosemary extract has a unique property which can increase the shelf life without increasing the calorie count due to this it is widely used in South America region to make pickles, sauces, and soups. In Western and Eastern Europe rosemary extract is in demand for its increasing usage in aromatherapy.

Global Rosemary Extract Market: Key Players

The major key players functioning in the market are Ecom Food Industries, Senyuan Bencao, Radient, Changsha E.K HERB, Naturalin Bio-Resources, Monteloeder, Naturex, RD Health Ingredients, Geneham Pharmaceutical, Frutarom FLAVEX, Kemin Hunan Zhengdi, Synthite, Danisco(DuPont), Kalsec, Honsea, Sunshine Biotech, EVESA, and Hainan Super Biotech.

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