Aluminum Packaging for Cosmetics Market Report: Company Analysis, History and Future Overview, Global Sales Trends by 2025

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The global aluminum packaging for cosmetics market is prophesied to create profit-making opportunities with the rise of the young population across the world. Changing lifestyles, increase in skin problems, and massive growth of the cosmetics industry are predicted to augment the demand for cosmetic products, which could in turn raise the requirement of cosmetics packaging.

The recyclable nature of aluminum packaging materials and their various benefits such as in-line printing, contemporary appearance, customization, and modern designing could attract strong demand in the global aluminum packaging for cosmetics market. In July 2019, Josie Maran Cosmetics, a US argan oil and natural skin care and cosmetics products company, partnered with American recycling business TerraCycle to allow recycling of its cosmetics packaging.

Favorable Properties of Aluminum to Increase its Suitability for Cosmetics Packaging

Increasing demand for a range of skin care cosmetic products owing to changing climatic conditions affecting the skin and growing consciousness about appearance is predicted to strengthen the growth of the global aluminum packaging for cosmetics market. Introduction of interesting aluminum packaging solutions in the cosmetics industry could help improve the demand in the global market. Adoption of aluminum packaging materials can allow manufacturers to use special shaping options and various lithographic printings. Moreover, aluminum has anti-corrosion, lightweight, and other favorable properties such as good strength.

Rising internet penetration supporting the growth of e-commerce is anticipated to increase the requirement of packaging solutions in lucrative industries such as cosmetics. This could augur well for the global aluminum packaging for cosmetics market.

Key Takeaways

  High demand for innovative packaging solutions in the cosmetics industry to increase market growth

   Application in skin care products industry to increase with growing demand for anti-aging and other products

  Asia Pacific to grow faster with the rise of the cosmetics industry and robust demand for anti-tanning products

  Companies to launch more eco-friendly options to appeal to more number of customers

Players to Increase Global Reach through Partnerships and Agreements

The global aluminum packaging for cosmetics market witnesses the presence of top vendors such as ALLTUB, Shaoxing CosPack Co., Ltd., Eastar Cosmetic Packaging, Envases, ACME Cosmetic Components, Cosmopak, Tournaire, Aludium, Vetroplas Packaging, Bluesky Solutions, Neville and More, and Roberts Metal Packaging. Players are prophesied to offer eco-friendly solutions and concentrate on increasing the visual appeal of their products to attract more end users.

Manufacturers are expected to sign partnerships and agreements to expand their business and product portfolio. In March 2019, ACME Cosmetic Components formed a joint venture with Dr. Franke GmbH & Co. KG to offer various metal packaging solutions in Europe’s color cosmetics industry.

By Product Type





By Application

  Skin Care Products

  Color Cosmetics

  Deodorants and Perfumes

  Hair Care Products

The report covers key product type segments of the global aluminum packaging for cosmetics market such as bottles, cans, tubes, and containers. Each segment is deeply assessed while largely focusing on its market share, CAGR, and future growth potential. Among applications, analysts expect skin care products to secure a leading market share due to the massive demand for anti-wrinkle, sun protection, and anti-aging products. Higher preference for aluminum packaging material compared to its plastic counterpart in the skin care products market could support the growth of this application segment.

By Region

Regionally, researchers anticipate Asia Pacific to show quicker growth in the global aluminum packaging for cosmetics market as it rides on high demand for different types of cosmetics, especially anti-tanning products. Increasing awareness about various advantages associated with the use of aluminum for cosmetics packaging could further push the demand in the Asia Pacific market. On the other hand, North America is predicted to bank on the innovation of cosmetic products and adoption of new cosmetics packaging techniques to gain growth in future.

Pricing Analysis

Pricing analysis is critical for any business and more so for packaging manufacturers. The packaging industry has seen various changes in the past few decades, and product prices have been impacted to some extent all these years. The pricing study presented in this report will enable players to improve their marketing moves while deciding the right prices for their products and services. It sheds light on important factors such as price elasticity, non-price factors, cost structure, market changes, and product market responsiveness.

NOTE - The analysis, thoughts, views, facts, and opinions expressed in this report are of the respective research analysts. QYR Consulting does not necessarily endorse it or it is also not essentially formal views of QYR Consulting.

Packaging is an indispensable part of every industry. It ensures protection of the product and even extends shelf life of the packaged items. Through the years, the packaging industry has undergone massive changes. From development of better, sturdier materials to changing outlooks toward designing environment-friendly materials, the packaging industry has witnessed some noteworthy changes.

The research reports on the packaging industry discuss the evolution of materials and the impact of changing consumer needs. Packaging solutions have constantly adopted newer technologies for providing consumers with safer perishables and keeping the products intact until delivered. Analysts have taken a granular view at the booming e-commerce sector and its influence on the packaging industry. We aim to provide the readers an in-depth and a comprehensive analysis of the packaging industry. Intricacies pertaining to food safety, environmental norms, and research and development of materials have been studied by analysts with a focused approach.

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