Electric Car Battery Charger Market Report: Company Analysis, History and Future Overview, Global Sales Trends by 2025

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Industry: Automation & Transportation

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The global electric car battery charger market is forecast to significantly benefit from increasing research and development of wireless charging pads. Wireless electric car battery charging could revolutionize the electric vehicle market, thus helping manufacturers to bank on some lucrative growth prospects. Strong government backing promoting the use of electric vehicles and electric vehicle chargers could further raise demand for electric car battery charger. In June 2019, Alameda Municipal Power in California, US announced that it will increase cash rebates for electric vehicle owners who have installed residential electric vehicle chargers.

Advent of new solutions could also help increase the growth of the global electric car battery charger market. In June 2019, it was announced that GBatteries is looking to improve electric vehicle charging speeds by launching a new pulse charging-related solution that uses AI and certain algorithms.

Availability Gap between Electric Cars and Electric Car Battery Chargers to Increase Demand

    Increasing gap between the number of electric vehicles in use and electric vehicle battery chargers available is predicted to drive the demand for ready-to-use electric car battery charger

    Gradually rising trend of vehicle electrification due to emissions-related concerns and automotive technological evolution is foreseen to create strong sales prospects in future

    Adoption of electric car sharing programs, carpooling, and other transportation mobility solutions is prophesied to bode well for the global electric car battery charger market

   Need for fast electric car battery charger could positively impact the growth of the global market

    High demand for mobile electric car battery charging stations and increasing installation of public electric car battery chargers are expected to push the demand in the global market

Manufacturers to Rely on Innovation and Collaboration Strategies to Gain Growth

The global electric car battery charger market marks the presence of top players such as Delphi Automotive PLC, General Electric Company, and Schneider Electric S.E. Players are foretold to concentrate on innovation to create effective solutions for common electric car battery charger problems such as those related to costs, efficiency, and compatibility. Innovation could be mainly focused on the development of fast charging solutions for electric vehicle owners.

Entering into collaboration deals with other vendors is expected to help players to attain a position of strength in the global market. In June 2019, ChargePoint and Electrify America signed a roaming partnership to help current and future US electric vehicle owners to gain increased access to public electric vehicle chargers.

Pricing Analysis

The report includes comprehensive pricing analysis with high emphasis on some of the common pricing strategies adopted in the global electric car battery charger market. The researchers have brought to light key pricing tactics such as new customer pricing and price bundling. Analysts at QYR Consulting understand how crucial prices and costs are for both manufacturers and customers, and that is why, this research study provides in-depth pricing analysis to help players gain an edge over their competitors. Whether it is a new venture or established business, every player needs to have deep pricing intelligence to obtain the best value for their products and their brand.

By Charging Type



By Charger Type

  Float Charger

  Smart Charger

  Trickle Charger

According to analysts, automatic charging is prognosticated to collect a significant revenue share of the global electric car battery charger market. Manual charging, on the other hand, could continue to lose its market share to automatic charging. Among charger types, float charger is projected to attract a commanding share of the global market.

By Region

Regionally, Europe is forecast to show substantial growth in the global electric car battery charger market while riding on the high demand for automatic and smart electric car battery chargers. Asia Pacific could be a region expected to exhibit a considerable rise in the global market as Japan continues to focus on the innovation of electric car battery charger to create profit-making growth opportunities.

NOTE - The analysis, thoughts, views, facts, and opinions expressed in this report are of the respective research analysts. QYR Consulting does not necessarily endorse it or it is also not essentially formal views of QYR Consulting.

The automotive industry has undergone myriad changes over the past century. It has stirred a revolution, setting in motion trends that have completely transformed the transportation industry. Digitalization has drastically helped business models evolve by leaps and bounds. Major developments in the emerging economies have provided the automotive and transportation industry is a massive boost in recent years.

Increasing investments in automobile manufacturing, especially in the developing countries, strengthening trade and business opportunities, and growing e-commerce has all made its contribution towards shaping the automotive and transportation industry. Our reports take a detailed look at the various factors driving this industry and assess the lucrative opportunities for the players in the near future. The reports discuss the future of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and autonomous vehicles with utmost objectivity. The next-generation technological advancements and changing outlooks of the players have been studied with unbiased scrutiny for a clear picture of the trajectory of the industry.

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