Foosball Table Market Report: Company Analysis, History and Future Overview, Global Sales Trends by 2025

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The global foosball table market is expected to enjoy a bright future as it rides on increasing participation in recreational and leisure-time activities and indoor games. Addition of innovative and smart technology-based features could be another factor augmenting the demand for foosball table. Rising interest in foosball is anticipated to work in the favor of the global market. Earlier in 2019, Velocity Karts launched the first human foosball arena in Christchurch, New Zealand. Development of such innovative recreation and sports arenas is prophesied to encourage more interest in foosball and, in turn, reflect positively on the global market growth.

Popularity of Smart Foosball Table with Advanced Features to Bode Well

  Emergence of smart foosball tables with high-speed overhead camera, audio cheering system, real-time leaderboard and score displays, and other features is expected to boost the growth of the global market

    Increasing popularity of foosball and growing interest in soccer are anticipated to work hand-in-hand to push the demand for foosball table. In May 2019, Fox Sports gifted the US women’s national soccer team a new foosball table with 3D-printed replica of each player in the form of manikins

  Need for recreational activities in corporate offices is foretold to allow the creation of more sales opportunities in the global foosball table market

  Availability of untapped opportunities and gradually increasing demand for foosball table in developing countries are predicted to help players to improve their reach

     Development of foosball facilities in residential locations could increase the demand for foosball table in future

Will Manufacturers Continue to Gain from Opportunities in Recreational Clubs

Manufacturers are foreseen to launch new products with improved features and consider tactical collaborations to cement a strong position in the global foosball table market. Companies are also prophesied to increase their production and focus on generating revenue from lucrative end users such as bars and clubs, restaurants and cafes, and recreation centers. In May 2019, Brunswick Corporation, a US designer of recreational, marine, and fitness products, acquired Freedom Boat Club to increase its presence in the boat club industry.

Some of the leading manufacturers operating in the global foosball table market are Blue Wave Products, Inc., Carrom Company, Bonzini USA, Escalade Sports, Garlando Sports & Leisure, Gold Standard Games (Shelti), Brunswick Corporation, KICK Foosball, Rene Pierre, Great Lakes Dart Mfg. Inc., The Valley Dynamo Limited, and Warrior Table Soccer.

Report Focuses on Pricing Analysis of Global Foosball Table Market

The report answers critical questions related to growth, size, CAGR, and other vital factors of the global foosball table market. The analysts authoring the report have also focused on detailed pricing analysis of the global market, where product prices of leading manufacturers, actual product prices in the market, price trends, future product prices, and pricing strategies are discussed in great detail and accuracy. The pricing analysis section of the research study will help players to make important changes in their pricing tactics or develop new pricing strategies for improved results. This result-oriented research study assures players of quality insights into the pricing structure of the global market.

By Orientation


     Table Top

By Table Size

    Mini Table (<45”)

    Large (>57”)

    Small (45”- 55”)

     Regular (56”)

By Distribution Channel

    Third-party Online Channel

     Independent Sports Outlet

    Brand Online Channel

    Franchised Sports Outlet

    Modern Trade Channel

    Non-franchised Sports Chain

     Direct to Customer Channel

On the basis orientation, the global foosball table market is segmented into table top and freestanding. Among table size segments, analysts expect regular (56”) size to account for a leading market share. Foosball players show high preference for regular-size foosball tables because of their applicability for use in residential areas and tight spaces. Manufacturers are anticipated to use third-party online channels more than other types of distribution channels as e-commerce continues to show high penetration.

By Region

North America is projected to collect a major share of the global foosball table market due to heavy presence of top players in the region. People in the US show great interest in foosball as an indoor recreational activity or sport. Factors such as robust sales and increased demand for foosball table in key countries such as the US are predicted to help North America to maintain its supremacy in the global market.

NOTE - The analysis, thoughts, views, facts, and opinions expressed in this report are of the respective research analysts. QYR Consulting does not necessarily endorse it or it is also not essentially formal views of QYR Consulting.

Sports play an integral part in the society and have gradually evolved as an independent industry. Evolution of sports science, wearable technologies, and precision-driven training of sportspersons have collectively led to a thriving industry over the years. Over the years, the number of participants have also increased. Involvement of women in sporting activities and growing number of events has given the sports industry a whole new dimension to explore.

The research reports on the sports industry look at the changing demographics and the evolving technologies. They evaluate the future of outdoor and indoor sports industry and the shifting perspective towards health that will impact the industry. Topics such as GPS-equipped gear, smart materials, smart sporting equipment, and 3D simulations for accurate assessments have been studied by analysts in the research reports. The publications include evaluation of milestones achieved by this industry and the involvement of governments in shaping the overall industry through the years.

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