Games and Puzzles Market Report: Company Analysis, History and Future Overview, Global Sales Trends by 2025

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Games and puzzles are played for entertainment as well as educational purpose. Games could vary from indoor to outdoor to online types, where some of them could be played as a sport. Puzzles are a specific type of game that test the knowledge, ingenuity, or responsiveness of the players. There are different types of puzzles played around the globe, including logic, relational, number, word-search, and crossword puzzles. Logical thinking is one of the important requirements of puzzle games.

With a view to gain a strong foothold in the global games and puzzles market, companies are observed to launch new and interesting products. In May 2019, Social Point, a Spanish video game developer, made an announcement regarding the availability of its all-new crossword puzzle game Word Life, a free-to-play offering, on Android and iOS devices. According to researchers, online games and puzzles are already attracting a large number of consumers in the global market.

Market Dynamics

The gradually increasing inclination toward playing educational and thought-provoking games and puzzles is foreseen to bode well for the global market. Emerging regions such as Asia Pacific are witnessing a large availability of affordable toys, games, and puzzles. This is expected to draw more consumers and put a positive impact on the global games and puzzles market in the long term. However, the growing concern of parents and guardians of children who spend a lot of time playing games and puzzles is predicted to hamper sales globally. Online games could be addictive for children and teenagers, which could affect their health as well as academic performance.

Market Segmentation

By License



By Type



By Distribution

   Brick and Mortar


As per latest insights, licensed games and puzzles are anticipated to collect a remarkable share of the global market because of the rising investment in the redesigning and remodeling of older licensed characters. Among type segments, games are foretold to account for a commanding share of the global market due to the increasing demand from the rising number of children and teenagers. The brick and mortar segment is predicted to secure a significant share of the global market as consumers prefer to purchase products from physical shops more than e-commerce stores.

By Region

Regionally, Asia Pacific is prognosticated to account for a larger share of the global games and puzzles market due to the presence of affordable manufacturing units in countries such as China. Companies are either shifting their manufacturing bases to Asia Pacific or building one in the region to gain cost benefits, increase profit margins, and attract price-sensitive customers.

Key Players

The report covers leading manufacturers such as Ravensburger AG, Hasbro, Buffalo Games, Springbok Puzzles, and Cobble Hill. Each player studied in the report is profiled based on recent developments, market share, and business strategies.

Research Methodology

This report on the global games and puzzles market is compiled with the help of qualitative and quantitative analyses. The authors of the report used quantitative analysis to estimate and forecast regional and global market revenue and other vital factors. As part of qualitative analysis, the analysts focused on regulatory and policy scenarios, component benchmarking, competitive landscape, PESTLE analysis, Porter’s Five Forces analysis, market prospects, technology landscape, market drivers and restraints, and industry trends and landscape.

From the demand side of the global games and puzzles market, QY Research took references from consumer surveys, case studies, and end-user surveys. From the supply side, the researchers collected information and data from wholesalers, technology distributors, and manufacturers.

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