Nutrigenomics Market Report: Company Analysis, History and Future Overview, Global Sales Trends by 2025

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Nutrigenomics is the study of the effects of nutrients on the expression of the genetic makeup of people. Today, the definition of nutrigenomics has changed, or rather become broader, with the comprehensive inclusion of nutritional factors protecting the genome from suffering a damage. It basically concerns with the impact of dietary components on the metabolome, proteome, and genome. There are several types of tools such as clinical data, genomic assays, biomarkers, and food diaries used in nutrigenomics to determine the risk and progression of diseases.

The approaches used in nutrigenomics are applied to a broad array of health conditions. For example, nutrigenomics can be used to find a correlation between specific diseases and nutrient intake and links between mental health, obesity, and gut microbiota.

Vendors operating in the global nutrigenomics market are expected to focus on improving their operational performance through improved employee engagement, which also puts a good impression on consumers. In April 2019, LifeVantage, an American pioneer in nutrigenomics, received the honor of ‘Best Places to Work’ in the direct selling industry for the third time in a row.

Our report on the global nutrigenomics market provides a highly reliable, detailed, and accurate research study that will help players to improve sales and gain strong growth in the coming years.

Market Dynamics

The global nutrigenomics market is projected to grow at a remarkable CAGR during the forecast period 2019-2025. One of the important growth factors of the global market could be the rising awareness about nutrigenomics among consumers. Increasing incidence of obesity-related diseases is also expected to push the demand for nutrigenomics. The global market is anticipated to expand on the back of a growing number of athletes wanting to follow personalized diet plans. Personalized diet is one of the fast-growing trends observed in the global market. Increasing significance of consuming nutritious foods to prevent malnutrition, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and related diseases is foretold to augment the demand in the global market.

A decent number of scientists have emphasized on diet regulation as a means to decrease the susceptibility to chronic diseases such as cancer. This has encouraged more research on cancer that is based on the importance of nutrition. On the other hand, there are some factors predicted to hamper the growth of the global nutrigenomics market. For instance, lack of proven results that could support nutrigenomics studies and low number of regulatory approvals are foreseen to cut back the demand in the global market.

Market Segmentation

By Application

   Cardiovascular Diseases


   Cancer Research

Among key applications of nutrigenomics, obesity is projected to dominate the global market due to the rising incidence of the disorder. Nutritionists and physicians are putting strong emphasis on consuming nutritious foods to fight obesity. This is expected to increase the demand in the global nutrigenomics market.

By Region

Regional Analysis

Analysts expect North America to take the lead in the global nutrigenomics market due to the rising adoption of specialized diets and foods and development of direct-to-consumer nutrigenomics kits. People in the region usually seek legal guarantee before committing to nutrigenomics to avoid the misuse of their genetic information. Having that mentioned, nutrigenomics is considerably recognized in the regional market.

In Asia Pacific, Japan is prophesied to fuel the growth of the emerging region with its substantial consumption of functional foods. Nutrigenomics could be adopted at a decent rate in the region because of the demand for functional foods and beverages.

Key Players

Leading players of the global nutrigenomics market are expected to collaborate and merge with research facilities to develop the best genetic tests. Launch of new products is another strategy that players are anticipated to adopt to gain growth in the global market. Important companies included in the report are BASF, Royal DSM, Danone, WellGen, GeneSmart, Cura Integrative Medicine, Unilever, Genova Diagnostics, Nutrigenomix, Inc., Cell Logic, Metagenics, and XCODE Life Science Pvt. Ltd.

Research Methodology

The report on the global nutrigenomics market is compiled using latest primary and secondary research methodologies. Our talented panel of researchers and analysts conduct personal interviews with industry experts, knowledgeable individuals, and prominent players of the global market to gather critical information and data. We also conduct face-to-face interviews and have email interactions with top-level executives such as CEOs, VPs, and GMs to collect special information or data related to the global and regional markets.

Our analysts also refer to annual and quarterly earnings reports of companies, government and regulatory databases, popular websites, articles written by industry experts, and various other sources to collect more data and validate our findings. As part of qualitative analysis, we focus on regulatory and policy scenarios, technology landscape, key issues, and market developments. Our quantitative analysis includes the estimation and forecast of revenue, production, consumption, and other important aspects of the global market.

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