Pet Care Market Report: Company Analysis, History and Future Overview, Global Sales Trends by 2025

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High spending on pets in key regions such as North America is prophesied to help the global pet care market to expand in the coming years. This is particularly observed in the US where people consider pets such as dogs and cats as a part of their family. According to a press release by the American Pet Products Association in March 2019, Americans spent a record-breaking high of $72.56 Bn on pet care in 2018. This was a 4% jump from the US pet care spending in the previous year. The annual industry-wide pet care spending figures for the US covered live animal purchases, veterinary care, OTC medications, pet food, and other services.

Pet Boarding and Grooming Services to Help with Lucrative Business Prospects

      Increase in pet adoption in a number of countries is expected to augment the demand for pet care

     Rise in the demand for pet boarding and grooming services is predicted to augur well for the global pet care market

    Growing need for top-quality pet care products considering the high risk of animal diseases is foreseen to boost the global market growth

   Swelling demand for high-end pet accessories, special medical treatments for pets, and pet training is prognosticated to create opportunities for pet care providers

Pet Care Vendors to Make Strategic Collaborations to Achieve Steady Growth

Pet care vendors are expected to maintain steadiness in the global market with the adoption of strategic initiatives and collaborations. Regional expansion could be another tactic that vendors are anticipated to consider for strengthening their position in the global market. Some of the leading vendors included in the report are PetSmart Inc., Petco Animal Supplies, Inc., Nestle, Just for Pets, and Ancol Pet Products Ltd.

Nestlé Purina Pet Care is one of the leading US-based businesses in the global pet care market with over 400 scientists, including nutritionists, and 18,000 employees in more than 70 countries. In April 2019, it entered into a partnership with Independent Vetcare Group International, a UK-based veterinary services provider.

By Pet Type





By Product

   Pet Food

   Veterinary Care

   Supplies and OTC Medications

   Live Animal Purchase

   Grooming and Boarding Services

High preference for the adoption of dogs over that of other pets is predicted to help the dog segment to collect a significant share of the global pet care market. Dogs are mostly preferred as a pet because of their intelligence, loyalty to owners, and ability to understand human behavior and emotions. Among products, pet food is projected to account for a remarkable market share due to factors such as the rising demand for home delivery of pet foods and increasing disposable income of pet owners.

By Region

Geographically, the global pet care market is prophesied to find higher growth in the US due to the increasing awareness about veterinary health, rising number of animal healthcare organizations, and growing adoption of pets. On the other hand, India is expected to show quicker growth in the global market because of the increasing popularity of dog and cat adoption.

Market Forecast and Assessment Process

For exhaustive and accurate research and collaboration, QY Research has invested in advanced analyst training programs and analytical tools. It uses latest research and analysis techniques to compile comprehensive and customized reports. The analysts integrate supply and demand market data in proprietary models of market segments. Standard procedures are followed for structured validation of preliminary values in the models. QY Research uses reliable primary and secondary sources to collect and validate data and information included in the research study.

NOTE - The analysis, thoughts, views, facts, and opinions expressed in this report are of the respective research analysts. QYR Consulting does not necessarily endorse it or it is also not essentially formal views of QYR Consulting.

Life sciences is a wide branch of study that is gradually becoming an integral industry to the global economics. QYR Consulting looks at the steady transformation of the life sciences industry and its impact on the subindustries such as medical care, pharmaceutical, and medical devices. Our team of esteemed analysts have put together reports to analyze the monumental changes life sciences is expected to bring in the overall healthcare industry. These reports identify the exact turning points for the industry and open up a platform for discussing its growth.

QYR Consulting brings to you a structured analysis of the technological advancements so far, vision of the players in the industry, and the strategies they are likely to use to make their mark. The reports dissect various components of the life sciences industry to scrutinize the influential factors. To help the readers make profitable business decisions, analysts have highlighted the lucrative investment areas and upcoming business opportunities.

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