Meat Alternative Snacks Market Report: Company Analysis, History and Future Overview, Global Sales Trends by 2025

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To maintain a healthy body, consumption of nutritional food is necessary. Vegetarian food is considered as a balanced food and it has observed that a large number of people switching towards a vegan diet. Meat Alternative Snacks are the wellness package that provides nutritional value along with general wellbeing. It is noticed that regular consumption of vegetarian food can create a positive impact on body and mind, therefore, millennials are seeking for a substitutes which are as good as meat.  The nutritional value of Meat alternative Snacks is approximately greater than or equal to regular meat snacks. Meat Alternative Snacks are composed of nutritional ingredients such as grains, vegetables, and pulses.

Recently, one of the UK based market participants has come up with the brand new vegan snacks as an alternative to meat snack. The newly launched vegan pork scratching is made of soya to make vegan scratching soya pieces a flash-fried and seasoned with a vegan spice mix. Reportedly, vegan pork scratching is made using plant-based ingredients and available in all independent pubs across the UK.

Key Takeaways

   Increasing vegan population is expected to create a positive impact on the global Meat Alternative Snacks market

   Tofu and tofu ingredients segment is likely to dominate the global Meat Alternative Snacks market

   Meat Alternative snacks contain high nutritional value and protein and preferred over meat products

   Europe is likely to capture a substantial market share in the global Meat Alternative Snacks market

Consumption of Meat Alternative Snacks Resulted in Weight Loss

Increasing cases of obesity and diabetes due to excessive meat consumption are compelling consumers to search for alternatives over the meat products. It has been witnessed that consumption of Meat Alternative Snacks leads to weight loss and this factor is increasing the demand for Meat Alternative Snacks in the global market.

High consumption of snacks and increasing demand for ready to eat food, savory snacks, and convenience food are anticipated to fuel the market growth of the global Meat Alternative Snacks market in the years to come. Meat Alternative Snacks contain high protein which helps in building muscle, thus consumption of these snacks becoming a trend in the fitness industry.

Segmental Analysis

By Region

Geographically, Europe is likely to acquire a substantial share in the global Meat Alternative Snacks market followed by North America. Increasing health awareness among the consumers is one of the main reasons for the flourishing Meat Alternative Snacks market in this region. Apart from this, Asia Pacific is also witnessing a remarkable market growth in the past years and expected to grow further during the projected period. Increasing disposable income in countries like China and India is boosting the demand for Meat Alternative Snacks in the global Meat Alternative Snacks market.

By Type


   Tofu & Tofu Ingredients

   Textured Vegetable Protein


By Category





By Sales Channel

   Convinience Stores



   Speciality Stores

Tofu is a rich source of mineral and vitamins. Tofu is widely used by food manufacturers owing to its nutritional value and high protein contain. Analysts expect that tofu and tofu ingredients segment is expected to grab the largest market share in the global Meat Alternative market. By category soy-based Meat Alternative Snacks segment is likely to hold a significant market share followed by wheat-based Meat Alternative snacks in the worldwide market.

Beyond Meat Unveils the New Product Innovation “Beyond Beef”

Recently, Beyond Meat, the US-based plant-based meat producer company has introduced a ground-breaking product, Beyond Beef. It is a plant-based beef free snacks made from soy or gluten and GMOs, with full of rice proteins, blend of pea, and mung bean. Beyond Beef has the same meaty taste and texture of beef. Six grams of serving contains 25 percent less saturated fat than traditional ground beef and four oz of serving contains 20 gm of protein.  Reportedly, Beyond Beef is expected to available in all grocery stores across the US in the coming weeks.

Apart from Beyond Meat, the other major key players functioning in the market are Blue Chip Group, Amy’s kitchen, Inc, Beyond Meat, Cauldron Foods, Maple Leaf Foods Inc, and Garden Protein International. Inc.

Pricing Analysis

QYR Consulting precisely analyses pricing solutions in the global Meat Alternative Snacks market to help manufacturers for developing competitive pricing strategies. Pricing analysis is a holistic approach towards the different pricing parameters which are affecting the product growth. Analysts at QYR Consulting have done a detailed assessment on price change, product differentiation, consumer behavior, and product positioning. Pricing analysis prepares a plan for future growth, players can redefine their pricing strategies to increase demand for Meat Alternative Snacks in the worldwide market.

NOTE - The analysis, thoughts, views, facts, and opinions expressed in this report are of the respective research analysts. QYR Consulting does not necessarily endorse it or it is also not essentially formal views of QYR Consulting.

Food and beverages sector is considered to be one of the fastest-growing one. Growth of its various industries, right from processing, packaging, and labelling amongst others, have witnessed unbelievable transformation over the years. Players in the food and beverages industry are constantly catering to the changing lifestyle needs that are at times characterized by healthy eating habits or higher purchasing power. The food and beverages industry is extremely dynamic and hence requires a constant watch.

Our researchers have created a repository of thoroughly-researched reports that are aimed at offering the readers a detailed outlook of the industry. Analysts have focused on issues such as food security, evolving demographics, and changing dietary habits. Packaging and innovation therein, along with emerging trends such as organic food items have been discussed through these publications.

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