Protein Water Market Report: Company Analysis, History and Future Overview, Global Sales Trends by 2025

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Industry: Food & Beverages

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Product differentiation is the need of the market. Changing consumer habits and cut-throat competition makes manufactures to launch a variety of innovative products. The food and beverage sector has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. In order to meet the changing market dynamics, different brands in this sector are promoting their products innovatively. Protein Water is one kind of innovation that not only consumed by athletes but also by common people on a regular basis. It is a wellness package that provides nutrient value with extra health benefits. Over the past few years sugar free diet and changing lifestyle are two important reasons for boosting the demand for Protein Water.

Recently, one of the market participants has launched a new range of products, i.e. Sparkling Protein Water and Collagen Booster. Collagen Booster is a new type of product introduced by brand, which target consumer who want to maintain healthy skin. In Protein Water, Collagen is used as a source of protein. Consumption of these products is highly beneficial in terms of restoring muscle, skin, and hair. These convenience products are lighter and sugar free.

Key takeaways:

  In an attempt to enhance the demand of the product, manufacturers are emphasizing on branding and advertisement

  Increasing awareness about Protein rich diet to help North America to grab a substantial share

  Low cost Protein Water products to gain high demand in the nutrition industry

  Supermarket/hypermarket segment is expected to grow at a significant CAGR during the forecast period

Nutritional Value in Protein Water to Increase the Growth of Global Protein Water Market

Protein Water is consumed by sportspersons and athletes owing to its nutritional value. Thus it is predicted to record a significant growth rate in the years to come. Protein Water contains properties that can prevent lifestyle diseases and also maintains the energy level for a longer period, therefore it is foreseen to increasing demand for Protein Water in the global market.

Increasing promotional strategies and branding by manufacturers is expected to boost the demand for Protein Water. Remarkable growth in the e-commerce is another factor that is estimated to trigger the growth of the global Protein Water market.

Segmental Analysis:

By Region

North America is likely to hold the largest share of Protein Water market. This is because of increasing demand for plant-based Protein Water products in the region. Apart from this, rising health awareness is also an important reason for the expansion of Protein Water market in this region. Presence of key market participants in the US to increase demand for Protein Water products in the region.  Europe has seen substantial growth for the Protein Water market in the past few years. Apart from this emerging economise like China and India with an increasing young population is creating huge opportunities for Protein Water manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region.

By Packaging


  PET Bottles

  Carton Packaging

By Sales Channel

  Specialty Stores


  Convinience Stores

  Online Channel

On the basis of the packaging, the Cans segment is expected to acquire a large part of the global Protein market share. By sales channel, the Hypermarket/Supermarket segment is likely to hold the largest share of the worldwide Protein Water market followed by specialty stores. An increasing population of working women population and popularity of ready to eat food is anticipated to trigger the growth of Hypermarket/Supermarket segment.

Lacprodan HYDRO. Clear is a new Whey Protein Hydrolysate Introduced by Arla Foods amba to Create Opportunities for Manufacturers

Denmark based Arla Foods amba has introduced a new 100 percent whey protein hydrolysate solution, especially for Sparkling Protein Water. Lacprodan HYDRO. Clear is a whey protein hydrolysate free from sugar and salt. The introduction of whey protein hydrolysate in the food and beverage sector is likely to create competition in the market. It can be used in the production of sports drinks as well as Sparkling Protein Water.

Apart from this, the major market participants functioning in the market are FOUNDATION FITNESS, Optimum Nutrition Inc, DRINK FIZZIQUE, Trimino, Cend Limited, Vyomax Nutrition, Protein2o, Inc., River Collective Ltd., Bodiez Protein, Upbeat Drinks, Molecule Beverages, and Arla Foods amba.

Pricing Analysis:

A holistic approach towards the key factors that are affecting the product prices for the Protein Water market is given in pricing analysis. Analyst records price change, trends, and market forecast of Protein Water. Pricing analysis involves a detailed assessment of consumer behavior, changing market trends, upcoming products, and competitors. It is useful for Protein Water manufacturer to get an idea about the appropriate price for their upcoming products.

NOTE - The analysis, thoughts, views, facts, and opinions expressed in this report are of the respective research analysts. QYR Consulting does not necessarily endorse it or it is also not essentially formal views of QYR Consulting.

Food and beverages sector is considered to be one of the fastest-growing one. Growth of its various industries, right from processing, packaging, and labelling amongst others, have witnessed unbelievable transformation over the years. Players in the food and beverages industry are constantly catering to the changing lifestyle needs that are at times characterized by healthy eating habits or higher purchasing power. The food and beverages industry is extremely dynamic and hence requires a constant watch.

Our researchers have created a repository of thoroughly-researched reports that are aimed at offering the readers a detailed outlook of the industry. Analysts have focused on issues such as food security, evolving demographics, and changing dietary habits. Packaging and innovation therein, along with emerging trends such as organic food items have been discussed through these publications.

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