Unibet Extends Partnership with PSG all through 2023

Published On :   2020-01-21

Unibet, an online gambling company, has recently extended its partnership with Paris Saint Germain (PSG), a French professional football club. With this partnership, Unibet will turn out to be an Official Partner of the Parisian club up to the 2023 season, as per sources.

On this occasion, Mathieu Drida, Kindred’s General Manager for France, stated, “We are pleased to expand our partnership with Paris Saint Germain and take it to a larger audience across the globe. Since the beginning of the previous season, we have involved in major communication campaigns that have turned out successful among the football fans. We are sure that by expanding our relationship with PSG, we can reinforce our standing in France as well as promote the Unibet brand in Europe and across other regions.”

Common Desire to build on the Partnership Success to Date

The partnership has taken a step forward as a result of a common desire to build on the partnership success so far and reach out to new regions beyond Europe, taking in the USA and Australia, and thus focusing on new audiences. Along with the other territories, the latest linkup also takes in enhanced rights inside Europe.

Chief Partnerships Officer of Paris Saint-Germain, Marc Armstrong, reflected, “We are happy that Unibet has expressed its faith in us by extending the partnership. This choice indicates the effectiveness of our bond. We both share the common goals. The outcomes so far encourage us to constantly take efforts and provide our fans with the best experiences.” 

Unibet & PSG – Partners since 2018

Since 2018, both the brands have carried out various campaigns, comprising TV advertising, poster campaigns in France, and initiatives publicized through the social media platforms of the club, eventually resulting in over 80 million fans worldwide.

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